Marcel Boom | Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Craftsmanship and Excellence

All phases of our fabrication are entrusted to the expert hands and eyes of craftsmen, ensuring that each and every little detail receives the careful attention it deserves. The highly skilled, practical working techniques of our employees combined with their dedication and professionalism ensures the creation of exclusive, made-to-measure products.

The experience and understanding of the materials used perfectly reflects their own contribution to our continuing growth.

Materials and Finishes

Marcel Boom’s many years of work and research have resulted in the acquisition of in depth technical expertise and a thorough understanding of materials.
This in-house knowledge combined with cutting-edge equipment enables us to take the finishing process just that little step further : outstanding quality in lacquers and varnishes (from deep matt to high gloss), or special effects (pearl, metallic, structured, tinted, brushed, sandblasted,...), noble finishes for metals (light/dark bronze, steel-blue coloured, brushed/polished brass or stainless steel, ...), high-end glass and mirror work, top fabrics and leathers (Pierre Frey, Tassin, Spinneybeck, Chilewich, 2TEC2, ...) and many others.
Our golden rule: every noble material deserves to be highlighted.

Perfection to reach the impossible

Just as there are no limits to the imagination, so we roll back the boundaries of the possible. From the beginning, designers, architects and clients have been instrumental in encouraging us to experiment and develop “outside the box” thinking.
The outsize, novel, convoluted, extravagant and complex as well as the traditional ... using their great skill and dexterity, our specialists really enjoy a challenge and channel all their enthusiasm into creating the ultimate product and service.